Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pattern testing -- The Twirly Skirt from Flutter from.Kat

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tested for the newest Flutter from.Kat creation -- The Twirly Skirt!  Charlotte can never have enough skirts, and I took this opportunity to try sewing one with some darling fine whale corduroy that I found at Jo-Ann's.  I love that this pattern didn't actually have any pattern pieces -- I could cut everything with my rotary cutter and didn't need to worry about fussing with my printer (which always seems to be out of ink for some reason).

There are three options for this pattern -- a solid version, a version with the banded bottom, and a version with a wide lace trim.  I chose the one with the banded bottom because I found two cool coordinating prints in one of my favorite color combinations (black/charcoal and pink).  The photos don't do the pink justice.  I'm not sure why it looks so washed-out, but it's really more of a warm, medium pink.

The pattern was very fun to sew, and it would be a perfect project for a beginner (hint, hint ERIN!).  If I had a serger, this would have gone even faster and looked even nicer on the inside.  The pattern mentioned making alterations to the instructions for French seams, but since I was testing the pattern I wanted to make it strictly according to directions for the first time at least.

I did cheat a little, though -- I sewed two lines of stitching at the bottom hem just because I love the way that looks.  I forgot to tell Kat that when I gave her my notes on the pattern, but I'm guessing she didn't care one way or the other.

In my vain attempt to capture the true shade of pink on the bottom band, I took photos of the skirt against ever darn background I could think of -- even that HORRID teal tile around my fire place.  Someday I plan on gleefully smashing it all with a sledgehammer and putting in something not straight out of the 1980s.  (Our house was built in 1995, but the people who built it were old and had horrid taste.)

Even a photo on the straw bales on my front porch didn't work.  I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  Oh well.  I will definitely be making more of these in the future, especially because I love the treatment at the waistband.  I had never seen a pattern with instructions like those and they really made the elastic waist look nice and professional.

You can buy Kat's pattern here!

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