Monday, November 18, 2013

Petal cosmetic bag

I sewed a nice little cosmetic bag for Corey's cousin, Katie, who is in town this week to stay with Granny.  Her birthday is Tuesday, and my mother-in-law is hosting a birthday dinner for her.  I recently saw a tutorial on Craft Snob from Cozy Nest Design for a "Petal Cosmetic Bag" and decided to give it a try.

Of course, since I now seem to be incapable of following a tutorial without changing things, I made a few alterations.  I only had a 7" metal zipper on hand, so I sized down the main bag pieces to be 8" x 6".  I also am out of ink for my printer, so I couldn't print out the pattern pieces even if I had been making the pouch the size the tutorial specified.  Instead, I free-handed the "petals" (they're a little shallower than the ones in the tutorial, plus they look shorter because of the boxed corners at the bottom) and they turned out just fine.  I really do prefer zipper pouches to have boxed corners at the bottom, so I boxed them just a bit.  I skipped the zipper tabs because I forgot to take them into account when I was deciding how big to cut the main fabric pieces.  It works just fine without them!  Oh -- I also added some fusible fleece to make the pouch have more body.  (I guess basically I designed my own pouch and just borrowed the basic idea of the petals for the outside!)

The black polka dot fabric and the lining are both from the remnant bin.  The pink corduroy is left over from a skirt I made Charlotte but haven't blogged about yet.

Of course, I just now heard from my mother-in-law that her mom sewed a bag for Katie as her present, so maybe I shouldn't also be giving Katie a bag.  Maybe I can sew up a simple little cafĂ© apron to give her as well, or I could just buy some yummy treats and a fun lip gloss to stuff in the pouch.

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  1. Dropped by from Bag Brag Tuesday, that's a cute pouch and I like the use of curves, you did a great job adapting to suit what you had to hand :D