Friday, November 15, 2013

Manly basket for snickerdoodles

It's pretty hard to sew something manly as a gift.  The design has to be simple and the fabric has to be heavy.  While I was manly gift brainstorming a couple of days ago, I came across some black pleather that Erin picked up for me in the remnant bin (yes, I'm a terrible influence and have taught Erin to troll that lovely treasure trove!) and got inspiration for the prefect birthday gift for my friend, Jon.

Yup, that's another one of those notions baskets, but I sewed it to hold a big bag of snickerdoodles that I baked.  I lined it with some red fabric and bound it with gray bias tape.  Unfortunately, I only have this cell phone shot of it because although I intended to take a nicely staged photo with the snickerdoodles inside, I completely forgot.  Thank goodness I had send this photo to Erin (yeah, even though we started this blog to share our creations with each other, we still send cell phone pics because we have some sort of crafting sharing disorder).

Anyhoo, the basket turned out great and now I want to make one for each of the dudes in my family for Christmas.  I actually want to see if some straight-line quilting will look good with this too.

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