Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lexie's Frog

Another one of our little buddies from our playgroup, Lexie, just turned one year old!  Lexie is the sweet little sister of Val (the recipient of the My Little Pony) and has a favorite lovey: a plastic frog.  Not all that cuddly, perhaps, but great for teething and easily washable!  Lexie & Val's mom, Sandra, took the frog theme and ran with it for Lexie's first birthday celebration.  I found this adorable free frog amigurumi pattern on Pinterest and voila!

Lexie's birthday was on the day that the playgroup went to Johansen Farms for a little fall and Halloween fun.  Poor little Lexie was a bit overwhelmed by all the Halloween craziness and chilly weather, so Val (aka Princess Sofia) agreed to pose with the froggy.

(Why yes, that is a Notre Dame turtleneck under her dress....  Go Irish!!!!!!!!!)

Lexie (aka Cinderella) reeeeeeeally didn't like this itchy hay business but did agree to pose with her sister for a picture.

Happy first birthday, Lexie!!  I hope your plastic and amigurumi froggies become friends.

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